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AKC Titles - Alphabetical

* Indicates a title granted by another sanctioning body that is recognized by the AKC

# Indicates that the title can be earned multiple times. The number of times the criteria for the title have been met will follow the title abbreviation (ex: FCAT4)

For more information on titles, please visit the AKC website. 

AKC Titles

wdt_ID Abbreviation Title Name/Definition Prefix/Suffix
1 ACT1 Agility Course Test 1 Suffix
2 ACT2 Agility Course Test 2 Suffix
3 ACT1J Agility Course Test 1 Jumpers Suffix
4 ACT2J Agility Course Test 2 Jumpers Suffix
5 AE* Air Retrieve Elite Suffix
6 AEA* Air Retrieve Elite Advanced Suffix
7 AEX*# Air Retrieve Elite Excellent Suffix
8 AFC Amateur Field Champion Prefix
9 AGCH Agility Grand Champion Prefix
10 AJ* Air Retrieve Junior Suffix
11 AJA* Air Retrieve Junior Advanced Suffix
12 AJP Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
13 AJX*# Air Retrieve Junior Excellent Suffix
14 AM* Air Retrieve Master Suffix
15 AMA* Air Retrieve Master Advanced Suffix
16 AMX*# Air Retrieve Master Excellent Suffix
17 AN* Air Retrieve Novice Suffix
18 ANA* Air Retrieve Novice Advanced Suffix
19 ANX*# Air Retrieve Novice Excellent Suffix
20 AS* Air Retrieve Senior Suffix
21 ASA* Air Retrieve Senior Advanced Suffix
22 ASX*# Air Retrieve Senior Excellent Suffix
23 AX Agility Excellent Suffix
24 BCAT BCAT Suffix
25 BDD* Brace Draft Dog Suffix
26 BH* Basic Companion Dog Suffix
27 BN Beginner Novice Suffix
28 BN-V Virtual Beginner Novice Suffix
29 CA Coursing Ability Suffix
30 CAA Coursing Ability Advanced Suffix
31 CAX# Coursing Ability Excellent Suffix
32 CC* Coaching Certificate Suffix
33 CCA* Certificate of Conformation Assessment Suffix
34 CCH Bench Show Champion Prefix
35 CD Companion Dog Suffix
36 CD-V Virtual Companion Dog Suffix
37 CDX Companion Dog Excellent Suffix
38 CFC Field Champion Prefix
39 CGC Canine Good Citizen Suffix
40 CGCA Advanced Canine Good Citizen (aka Community Canine) Suffix
41 CGCH Bench Show Grand Champion Prefix
42 CGCU Canine Good Citizen Urban Suffix
43 CGF Grand Field Champion Prefix
44 CGN Grand Nite Champion Prefix
45 CGW Grand Water Race Champion Prefix
46 CH Champion Prefix
47 CI* Carting Intermediate Suffix
48 CIT* Carting Intermediate Team Suffix
49 CJN Junior Nite Champion Prefix
50 CM# Certificate of Merit Suffix
51 CNC Nite Champion Prefix
52 CRCG Retired Supreme Grand Champion Prefix
53 CS* Carting Started Suffix
54 CSG Bench Show Supreme Grand Champion Prefix
55 CSGF Supreme Grand Field Champion Prefix
56 CSGN Supreme Grand Nite Champion Prefix
57 CSGW Supreme Grand Water Race Champion Prefix
58 CST* Carting Started Team Suffix
59 CT Champion Tracker Prefix
60 CWC Water Race Champion Prefix
61 CWGN World Champion Supreme Grand Nite Champion Prefix
62 CWSG World Show Champion Prefix
63 CX* Carting Excellent Suffix
64 CXT* Carting Excellent Team Suffix
65 DC Dual Champion Prefix
66 DCAT DCAT Suffix
67 DD* Draft Dog Suffix
68 DE* Dock Elite Suffix
69 DEA* Dock Elite Advanced Suffix
70 DEX*# Dock Elite Excellent Suffix
71 DJ* Dock Junior Suffix
72 DJA* Dock Junior Advanced Suffix
73 DJX*# Dock Junior Excellent Suffix
74 DM* Dock Master Suffix
75 DMA* Dock Master Advanced Suffix
76 DMX*# Dock Master Excellent Suffix
77 DN* Dock Novice Suffix
78 DNA* Dock Novice Advanced Suffix
79 DNX*# Dock Novice Excellent Suffix
80 DS* Dock Senior Suffix
81 DSA* Dock Senior Advanced Suffix
82 DSX*# Dock Senior Excellent Suffix
83 EE# Endurance Earthdog Suffix
84 FC Field Champion (Field Trial) Prefix
85 FC Field Champion (Lure Coursing) Prefix
86 FCAT# FCAT Suffix
87 FCB Field Champion – Brace Prefix
88 FCGD Field Champion – Gundog Prefix
89 FCLP Field Champion – Large Pack Prefix
90 FDC Farm Dog Certified Suffix
91 FDCH* Flyball Dog Champion Suffix
92 FDGCH* Flyball Dog Grand Champion Suffix
93 FH1* Advanced Tracking Suffix
94 FH2* Superior Tracking Suffix
95 FM* Flyball Master Suffix
96 GAFC Grand Amateur Field Champion Prefix
97 GCH Grand Champion Prefix
98 GCHB Grand Champion Bronze Prefix
99 GCHG Grand Champion Gold Prefix
100 GCHP# Grand Champion Platinum Prefix
Abbreviation Title Name/Definition Prefix/Suffix
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