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The site is extremely easy to use but there are a few questions that people have had regarding some of the features and improved search results.  If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please use the Contact form and you will receive a response to your question(s) and/or comments.

There could be several reasons why the particular dog/bitch is not found.  Here are some common issues that can help.

  • Searching by call name:  Most dogs do not have call names in the database so, searching by call name is not advisable.
  • Searching by registered name: There are many variations in the registration name that is provided to the AKC.
    • For example, the kennel name may or may not contain an “s” at the end and then there may be variations in how it’s displayed.
      • Jane Doe My Dog or Jane Does My Dog or Jane Doe’s My Dog or Jane Does’ My Dog.  The simple answer is to search on a piece of registered name like “My Dog”. (don’t use the quotes)
      • The dog’s registered name has “V.” or “v.” or “v” or “V” or Von or Vom.  Again, do a partial search on the remainder of the dog’s registered name.
  • I’ve tried searching as recommended but I am still not finding the dog/bitch.  What else can I try?
    • Some dog’s may not be in the database which is why nothing is returned.
    • Use the contact form and include as much information as possible and we can search.
    • If it is a dog/bitch you own you can send a copy of the AKC registration form/AKC Certificate of Registration in an email to the admin.  They can be added to the database.  Only AKC registration forms/AKC Certificate of Registration’s will be accepted. This is important to keep the integrity of the database moving forward.

The Pre-Titles and Post-Titles indicate the achievements of the dog/bitch.  A guide is included on the web site under Titles and Definitions.  A link is also included to the AKC website for more information.

The Pedigree Database is designed to help make interpretation of the pedigree easier. Explanation of colors:

  • Gold/Yellow Text – Recently added Pre-Titles and Post-Titles
  • Red Text – Newly added dogs/bitches
  • Black text – Sex, Date of Birth, Registration number, Coat Color (Mask Color, and possibly Long Hair or Short Hair if provided)
  • Blue Text – Dogs/bitches without pre or post-titles

For now, please ignore the box colors.  Those are conditional colors and have not been defined yet.  Working on that.

Unfortunately, the pedigree is only as good as the information that is provided.  In some instances, the Dam and Sire information is missing or the Registration number.  The database has gone through several changes over the years.  Every effort will be made to update existing entries and hopefully fill in the missing information.  If you are in possession of any data related to particular entries or know someone who is, please send us an email and we will try to track it down.

Some Owners and Breeders do not wish to have their names provided on the pedigrees for personal reasons.  Because of this, we have made the decision to anonymize the Owner/Breeder information.  Unfortunately this is an all or nothing proposition as we can’t hide some and show others.  We are looking into this as an upgrade.

We have undertaken a significant project to get as many photos as possible to make picture pedigrees available.  We are working with the Saint Fancier Committee to provide as many photos as possible however, we still need other photos. 

If you would like to provide a digital photo of your dog, you can send it to Bob Carter at:

If you do not have a digital copy, but have a physical photo, please contact the Admin using the Contact form and arrangements can be made to scan the photo for inclusion in the database.

At the top right of the result Pedigree page is a link named Printable Version.  Things to keep in mind:

  • Select the text and then right-mouse click in the window, the print dialogue will show  
  • If you would like to print in black & white, select that option

For the following you may need to select More Options… if you have a printer that accommodates this functionality:

  • Ensure you are printing in Landscape view
  • In most cases setting the magnification factor to 60% will print on a single page for a 5 generation search
  • To save to your computer, Print to PDF

The database is being updated daily so please check back on a regular basis.  

Major monthly updates of newly AKC registered dogs/bitches is done around the first of the month (each month).  

Pre-Titles and Post-Titles will also be updated monthly as they are received from the AKC.

Most likely there are other questions that we have not foreseen and need answering.

Please send your questions and comments using the Contact form and we will be happy to answer them as rapidly as possible.

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